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Saturday Special: Jack, Peter & Dylan!

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At least once a week we are asked on our chat forum ‘Where’s Jack?’ and finally we have some good news for you all. Here he is!
Today Jack has a carefully crafted schedule, Peter at 2, Dylan at 3 (and we are sure someone else at 4) but all is thrown into disarray when Dylan turns up at the same time as Peter.
Always willing to compromise, Jack decides that he can combine both fuck sessions into one and take one our most energetic fucker, and the man with the fattest dick. first up it is Peter who has the arduous job of stretching Jacks tight hole with his fat dick, lubing it up with his cum and getting it ready for Dylan to finish the job. 
Everyone loves jack, but he truly at his best as a slutty bottom, and this could be one of his finest outings in that role.



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