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Adam & Dylan

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Too much work and no play is never a good situation for our boys, so we decided to give Adam the day off from his ‘school work’ and send him off to Bratislava to meet up with prodigal sone, Dylan Maguire. This is the 2nd time that we have paired up these 2, the first being for the movie ‘The unstoppable Dylan Maguire’ and it worked out so well, we though we would try it again. If we had to choose one model that we can truely say has no inhibitions and no limits, it would have to be Dylan, When it comes to sex, his appetite is immense and insatiable. Even when bottoming, Dylan is always the most active partner: If Adam is not fucking him hard enough, he will literally impale himself onto Adam’s cock until he is satisfied, and the thing he loves most is cumming while having his ass pounded as hard as possible… A task that Adam is certainly only too happy to undertake.




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6 December 2020

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