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We leave our Sex Safari this week with an epic scene with Kevin Warhol and Antony Lorca. As it turns out Kevin has been feeling a little out of sorts ever since the arrival of Christian, Helmut and Jerome into the BelAmi family.
Beforehand he always had first choice of all the newbies, but now he is feeling a little left out and not getting as much love as he thinks he needs. Thankfully Kevin doesn’t stay down in the dumps for too long and takes a chance on propositioning Antony Lorca as a way to fullfil his desire of ‘fucking the big boys’.
We all know Kevin as one of our main trainers of new guys, but it is true that his job as cameraman leaves him with less opportunities to fuck than he had before, so it is great to see him back in action today, and a timely reminder of what a great performer he is.
As for the scene itself, it is certainly one full of fireworks and Kev displays that he is a great top with a ton of energy, leaving Antony totally worn out and satisfied.



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21 November 2020

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