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Helix Soccer Team | Ep. 5 The Ball Gets Stained

Helix Soccer Team | Ep. 5 The Ball Gets Stained
Helix Soccer Team | Ep. 5 The Ball Gets Stained
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We closely follow the movements of our Helix Soccer Team. On this occasion, Antu is calm putting his things in the locker room, when suddenly Gil surprises him and begins to touch him. Antu complains that someone is going to see them, but Gil relaxes him and knows how to stimulate him so that he does not refuse. Antu warms up quickly, more than when they run on the court, you could say. The training continues for these young people who seek to relax with a lot of secret sex. That’s why Antu begins to suck Gil’s penis with great pleasure. It is at that moment that Dave finds them, who cannot believe the situation. Gil invites him to join and Dave does not hesitate. He then slaps Antu on the butt and joins the dressing room party. Dave’s penis is sucked between the two guys, who kiss with the huge member in the middle, enjoying the shared pleasure. Then they get on all fours for Dave to finger their ass, well given over to the stimulation of the asset. Right there he is going to penetrate them both, alternating between one butt and the other, crazy with excitement. Then Dave and one of the guys sit on the bench on his penis and start to ride it, while the other also stimulates it….hmm. We all want to be on that soccer team. Finally, Antu ends up on the two mouths of the boys, who give each other a white kiss, sharing his partner’s semen. The two of them excitedly masturbate each other to orgasm and fill the locker room bench with cum. The balls do get stained on this team … but not with mud. The next episode, the last in this series, brings together all the soccer players for the ultimate match: a huge orgy of young sports lovers who like to play ball and have lots of sex with each other. A must-see classic!





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