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Jerome Exupery & Ian Roebuck

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Most  of you are probably under the impression that Jerome is our resident clown on production. While he certainly has this side to him, is is also one of our most reliable and trustworthy models and is a greta help in making sure everything gets done.
Today we get to see his bossy side as he quickly rounds up Helmut and Christian and sends them off to restock the fridge while recruiting Ian to help him get the place ready for lunch.. Well, at least that was the plan until he gets a good look at Ian Ian’s tempting ass. Given that it will take at least an hours for his buddies to get back from shopping there is enough time for a good fuck AND getting all the housework done.
Ian is one of our quieter models, never making a fuss about anything, but he really loves a good fuck and Jerome’s dick is about the perfect size for him, just long enough to reach all the right spots and just wide enough to give his hole a nice stretch.




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