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Daniel Wood

Dark-haired and with a hint of manly ruggedness, Daniel Wood is a guy who just can’t quite make up his mind. Sometimes he likes to take the lead, giving some pert young twink a real good pounding. On other occasions, however, he’s more than happy to be the subservient boyfriend, taking every inch that some ass-crazed top can thrust his way. Either way, however, you can rest assured that you’re not gonna be disappointed. Wood always puts every ounce of effort into each and every one of his performances, be they in some sleazy hotel sauna or out in the woods. What’s more, he’s never one to shy away from the rich, sticky rewards that only a lover can provide – in fact, some might even say that this doe-eyed beauty’s a real hot slut! We’ll leave that conclusion to our fans, but one thing’s for sure: a scene with Daniel Wood is always worth a hard-earned punt.



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