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Ronny Lamarr & Daan Jeffries

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Who would like to join Daan Jeffries in the shower? He seems a little loney in the opening of today’s scene and could do with some company.  Luckily it is not long before he is joined by resident redhead, Ronny Lamaar. One of the best things about Ronny is his ability to read his partner and deliver exatly what they need is sex.
His range encompasses everything from submissive bottom to dominat top and you can always be sure of getting just the right thing. Today is a bit on the dominant side, but in a very caring and playful way and he leads Daan in an exploration of his own sexual desires, making sure that Daan is satisfied in every possible way before fucking him just a little bit more and shooting his own load all over his buddies back.




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Dustin Gold

30 October 2020

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