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SATURDAY SPECIAL: Justin Saradon & Kian O’Connor

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Justin Saradon has a thing for dicks. The bigger the better, and he even has his own classification system for them.. sometimes we think that he remembers a boy’s cock better than he remembers the rest of the boy. Today he meets Kian O’Connor for the first time, and in lieu of an introduction, brashly opens our shocked Hungarians pants to find out what he is hiding there.
Finding that it is certainly big and thick enough he wastes no time in finding an empty room where he can experience Kian’s fat cock in more practical ways. This scene is all about Justin’s love of cock. You can really see the desire and appreciation in  his eyes every time he looks at Kian’s monster.  Lucky for Kian he does not have to hold back at all when fucking Justin, and he can thrust as deep and hard as he wants with Justin just desiring more each time.




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