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Austin Wolf Welcomes New CockyBoy, Tannor Reed

CockyBoys is excited to present our newest member of our squad, Tannor Reed. Tannor is quite a charmer so we decided to pair him with one of our Favorite Studs, Austin Wolf. The chemistry between these two is mesmerizing and drool-worthy. Austin has that physique that you just want to run your hands all over and be dominated by him at the same time. Austin is the perfect top and enjoys Tannors flexible talent which he shows off with relish. This is one scene that will rank in your top 2 of 2020. Enjoy!!!!

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Tannor Reed makes his Cocky Boys debut with Austin Wolf, the perfect guy to satisfy Tannor’s desire for guys twice his size who take control & manhandle him! Austin needs only to signal him over and Tannor is on Austin’s lap, getting kissed with smoldering passion as Austin’s massive muscled arms fondle and grope him and he seductively teases and strokes his cock.

Soon Tannor gladly lies down for Austin who strips him down and eats his ass, with his mouth and tongue putting Tannor into a pleasure trance. Taking his time Austin comes forward and feeds his cock to an eager Tannor who soon enough really wants to be fucked. Still Austin is in control, rimming and spit lubing Tannor’s hole and fingering him before he finally slides in his cock.

Austin slowly grinds in, expanding Tannor’s hole before going faster and deeper. Austin moves from thrusting in from behind to lying on top of Tannor and drilling him into moaning ecstasy. Wielding his power again Austin sits down for Tannor to ride his cock and take every one of his deep upward thrusts while Austin strokes him.

Knowing his bottom’s special talent Austin tells super-flexible Tannor to suck himself…and he does while Austin keeps fucking! Before they both cum Austin takes Tannor to bed to drill him on his back and eventually Tannor explodes over himself. In short order Austin shoots over Tannor’s hole and finishes inside him in a body-shuddering orgasm. Austin kisses him again and is wiped while Tannor is visibly, happy satisfied..and so is his hole.

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