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Viggo with Eluan & John

Get the Scene Unless we’re showing a flip flop, we usually try and avoid featuring the same model twice in a single Freshmen edition.  We made an exception for sexy John Leto today, who also appears in an interview.  This scene is a continuation of our lead scene as Eluan adjourns with our newbie and… Continue reading Viggo with Eluan & John

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Pip Caulfield & Timothy Blue

Get the Scene It's a red head double feature this week as wil bring you Timothy Blue today in this flipflop scene with sexual tornado, Pip Caulfield.We join all our guys on the race track today for a bit of R+R, but before they find out who is the best driver, Pip and Timothy agree… Continue reading Pip Caulfield & Timothy Blue

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Melon Balls

Elijah White has got some free time on a hot summer day. He also has a beautiful fresh watermelon and a dirty dirty mind. Put all these things together and he gets an idea. Cody Cachet stumbles upon this scene midway into its inception, and clearly is in. Before you know it, the two of… Continue reading Melon Balls

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A Halloween Story: Part 1

Get The Scene What’s a little jacking off between friends? According to Devin Holt and Josh Brady, it’s a lot of fun. The boys bust their nuts before setting up for an epic Halloween party. Devin’s roommate, Garrett Kinsely is helping out too. That is, until his boyfriend Jimmy Andrews shows up, and Garrett excuses… Continue reading A Halloween Story: Part 1

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Yannis Paluan & Mario Texeira

Get The Scene Our ‘Budapest Adventure’ continues with our agent provocateur’s- Yannis and Eluan- in action. Our lead in serves for both sex scenes as we see Yannis and Eluan divide and “conquer” for this week’s scenes, with Yannis choosing Mario for this encounter.After some ice-cream seduction, the pair head back to their apartment to… Continue reading Yannis Paluan & Mario Texeira

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Cody Cachet

Age: 18Ethnicity: AmericanHair Color: BlondEye Color: BlueCock Size: 9.5Orientation: GayRole: Top Hey guys, meet Cody Cachet. He loves being a Helix Studio's exclusive, and is really loving the great feedback he's been getting from you all. He can't say that he minds the attention. He's been very happy to pound some of the other 8teenboy… Continue reading Cody Cachet

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On a cool morning, somewhere in the rolling hills of Northern California, Elijah White is waking up. But he set his alarm way too early. Now he's trying everything he can to allay his restlessness. He's listening to music, writing in his diary, and going through old pictures of friends. While looking at old memories,… Continue reading Dreamlover

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Jordan Faris & Justin Saradon

Get The Scene To start off our Sex Safari this week we have a little bit of an intellectual photoshoot. Actually, it just involves books, which is about as 'intellectual' as we get today. Normally we give our photographer and his models some privacy and quite in order to be able to work, but today… Continue reading Jordan Faris & Justin Saradon

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Jason, Kieran and Claude 3 WAY

Get The Scene This week is all about the beach as we head back there for the opeing of this 3way with Jason, Kieran and Claude. In an age where gym-buff bodies seem to be all the rage, it is refreshing to find our trio today with a leaner, more natural look than some of… Continue reading Jason, Kieran and Claude 3 WAY

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Helix Soccer Team | Ep. 1 Caught in the Act

Get The Scene In this new series of hot episodes, we get involved in the lives of Latino soccer players who really want to win on the field and have fun in the showers. We have exclusive access to the boys' changing rooms. In that place full of young people with their nakedness, masculine smells,… Continue reading Helix Soccer Team | Ep. 1 Caught in the Act

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Window Shopping

For young American twinks like Blake Mitchell & Casey Tanner, a long weekend wouldn't be complete without a little retail therapy. This time, however, the super cute couple got more than they bargained for when something as innocent as window shopping lead them to the discovery of the perfect partner in 3way play, sweet &… Continue reading Window Shopping

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Jack Harrer & Joaquin Arrenas

Get The Scene After doing a quick check I see that this is Jack's first hardcore outing here on BelAmiOnline since May, and, following Murphy's law, he is again fucking Joaquin Arrenas. Although we would normally pull this scene out and save it, both times the scenes are part of a series that we want… Continue reading Jack Harrer & Joaquin Arrenas

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Camille Kenzo

With Big, blue eyes, fine features, slender body, and naive behavior... Camille is the archetype of a french twink. From meadows, he wasn't going to turn down an offer in Paris lightly . For his first experience in gay porn, the young countryman quickly overcome his fears and was jaw-dropping. Never tired and always up… Continue reading Camille Kenzo

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Derek Caravaggio & Jeroen Mondrian

Get The Scene Derek’s excuse for cancelling his date with Jeroen- that he had to try out his new washing machine- is admittedly a little lame. Apparently, when you’re as cute as Derek you can get away with anything. Instead of reaming out his boyfriend’s ass for missing a date, Jeroen decides he’d rather have… Continue reading Derek Caravaggio & Jeroen Mondrian

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Karl Ayers with Kirk Gauguin & Eluan Jeunet

Get The Scene Eluan has a surprise for his lover, Karl, today- but it comes at a price. To earn his reward, Karl must give him a blowjob on their terrace. This is a price Karl eagerly pays. Once satisfied, Eluan leads him to his “prize”- Kirk Gauguin.Krik is thrilled with his present in that… Continue reading Karl Ayers with Kirk Gauguin & Eluan Jeunet

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Valentin Meunier First Time

Get The Scene In our "First Time Collection, discover Valentin Meunier, the new boy among our exclusive models in the company of the handsome Enzo Lemercier! Valentin just turned 18, he is very cute and not shy at all... We can really say that he is tailored for porn so much he feels comfortable and… Continue reading Valentin Meunier First Time

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Angel Rivera & Leo Grand

CockyBoys is excited to present a End of Summer/Early Fall Camp CockyBoys adventure with two fan-favorite sexy studs, Angel Rivera & Leo Grand. These two have fun flirting, kissing, sucking, blowing, rimming, and enjoying lots more fun together. This two-some pack a punch and create a moment of drool-worthy heat. We hope you enjoy and… Continue reading Angel Rivera & Leo Grand

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Tayte Hanson Welcomes Zach Astor!

Get The Scene CockyBoys is excited to present our new CockyBoy, Zach Astor. Zach is making his Professional Porn Debut with us and it is such a thrill!! There is no better hunk to make your debut with than Tayte Hanson and Zach is just drooling all over himself with excitement. Tayte has this way… Continue reading Tayte Hanson Welcomes Zach Astor!