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Kristian Bresson & Mario Texeira

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Kristian made his Freshmen debut last May in a scene with Eluan. He’s back for an encore this time with Mario Texeira.  Elegant and cerebral Eluan is almost the opposite of beefy and carefree Mario.  Kristian seems attracted to both opposites. We’re interested to hear from you as to which of the two seems to turn Kristian on more.
The opening illustrates a philosophy most of our boys live by; that which is fun to do, is more fun to do naked- especially if it involves physical contact. Today’s scene reminds us that Mario is multi-talented, almost as adept at topping as he is at bottoming. Though Kristian’s cock is long and beautiful, you will have to wait a bit longer before you see him put it to good use inside a hot boy’s ass. One thing is clear, he really loves getting fucked.


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