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This is Freshman Allan’s first outing here at BelAmiOnline and we have chosen to bring you a home video with Bastian Dufy as his introduction. All of you who are also members of Freshmen will be familiar with Allan already from his scenes with Serge and Benoit from earlier this year… Of course though when he is paired up with someone like Bastian we can expect some fireworks. Our pair had arranged to meet up in the park for a walk together first, but it seems that Allan may have had a bit of a heavy night and sleeps through all of Bastian’s desperate calls. Never one to be deterred, Bas decides to take a direct approach at solving his problem and go and wake him up himself. This is ‘morning’ sex at it’s best and a rim job is better than an alarm clock anyday as a reminder that you need to get up. Bastian then gives our newcomer a good, hard pounding to make sure that he knows what he is missing out on next time he oversleeps.


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