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Myles Landon & Spencer Whitman

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Myles Landon saw Spencer Whitman waiting for him on his knees. He knew what was up from the get go so he didn’t waste time with niceties and started teasing Spencer immediately. Spencer couldn’t help himself and popped a boner, all the while reaching for daddy’s big cock. He put it in his mouth and started working it with his tongue. Daddy Myles loved every moment of this kinky warm up before having his bottom bend over. Spencer was beyond himself when the banging actually started. Myles couldn’t control his moans either as he picked up the pace of slamming those naughty cheeks. They then changed position to spice things up. Cum was flying all over their handsome bodies soon after.



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Dirty Sinners Sc.3 Pt.2

2 September 2020