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Dylan Maguire & Riff Dornan w/ Olaf Mortensen Part 2

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You would have thought that both Dylan and Riff would have had enough after our opening day to this special scene, but it seems that it has just left them wanting more. Joining them for our 2nd part is Freshmen of the Year contender, Olaf Mortensen. This is only Olaf’s 2nd outing here on BelAmi and we can expect to be seeing a lot more of him here in the future. After having his ass well and truly pounded in part 1, Dylan recruits our newcomer as a ‘communal bottom’, to be shared by both him and Riff. If we had any reservations about Olaf’s ability as a bottom before this scene, we certainly don’t after, as our fantasy couple take turns in tag-teaming Olaf into a state of ecstacy.
Riff is the first to shoot his load into Olaf’s hole which Dylan then uses as lube to fuck him even more.



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23 August 2020