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Jeroen Mondrian & Bruce Querelle

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Philipe is a little concerned today that Bruce needs a bit more proactive with an experienced model before he tries his hand with some of the newbies so he has arranged for a hot sex session with the insatiable Jeroen Mondrian. We have our doubts about Philipe’s sincerity and think that he just wants to get off watching 2 of our hottest guys fucking. Whatever the reason we are happy that he arranged for this encounter today. Much to Jeroen’s delight, Bruce is the top in today’s scene and much to our delight we get to watch as Bruce demonstrates that he needs no further training at all, with a long and luxurious suck session followed by some pretty intense fucking, with Bruce pulling out just in time to delivery a thick and creamy load on Jeroen’s hole and then using the cum as lube to fuck Jeroen again before he too shoots his load into his buddy’s waiting mouth.


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