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Dylan Maguire & Riff Dornan w/ Olaf Mortensen Part 1

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If the reputation of either of these guys is anything to go by, we will have an exciting rollercoaster ride of fun and sex today as we join Dylan Maguire and Riff Dornan for their hook up today. We had a little ‘unusual’ job in preparing this clip for you as our cameraman, Luke, forgot to film an introduction. Luckily Adam Archuleta was on hand filming he behind the scenes footage and we were able to steal some of his work to create an opening here for you.

Dylan has always been one of our start performers. He loves sex so much, and has absolutely no inhibitions that his scenes are always a treat to watch. In today’s scene his attitude seems contagious and we see Riff also give one of his best showings as he tops Dylan is so hot and heavy, no-holds barred fucking.



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