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Austin Wolf & Aiden Ward

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Summer At Camp CockyBoys continues as Austin Wolf & Aiden Ward return to heat up summer even more! It may be a little quiet, but it’s more intimate and that’s fine with Austin & Aiden who have long wanted to get together. While sitting on the porch catching catch up on their days on lockdown, Aiden sees Austin getting hard and makes his move. He smothers Austin with kisses and uses his lips and roaming hands to worships his huge muscles.

Soon Aiden kneels between Austin’s legs and buries his mouth there, slowly getting out his cock to suck and deep-throat. In time Austin sits up to hold Aiden down on his cock and reach over to finger his hole. And before long before Austin bends over Aiden to rim and finger him deep. He also tirns Aiden to suck his big dick while probing his hole. Aiden can’t wait anymore and bends over again to offer up his ass. Austin takes the offer & slides into Aiden

In little time Austin is holding Aiden in his arms and pounding him. Every accurate thrust elicits moans from Aiden even as Austin flips him on his back to pound him more. Soon Austin lifts up Aiden and sits him on his cock and Aiden works his hole in virtually every position. In a sexual frenzy Aiden edges Austin who in turn brings Aiden closer by stroking his cock. Before they get overheated though they slow down to make out.

They head to the outdoor shower but lust wins out. Austin starts giving Aiden a variable speed drilling while periodically stroking him as Aiden fucks himself on his cock. Finally after prolonged fucking Austin can’t hold back any more and pulls out to give a kneeling Aiden an intensely shot mouthful of jizz. Aiden then stands and as Austin fondles him he has his own intense orgasm. They finally get their sensual shower but with their cocks hard again could a more private round two be in the majking?



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16 August 2020