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Harley Xavier Solo Session

Harley Xavier Solo Session
Harley Xavier Solo Session
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As part of the AVN award nominated cam duo, Jacob and Harley, Harley Xavier has already gained a legion of fans. In this first solo video with Helix, he’s poised to take the porn world by storm! Harley appreas on screen, sudsy and wet from a warm shower that’s caressing his tight, toned body. Water kisses the arch of his back, and drips down his plump, firm ass. Then, the beautiful blond twink shoots that million dollar smile, as he eye fucks the camera and water streams towards his cock. Steam settles in, attracted to the twink’s hotness, but you can still see the beautiful boy clear as day, his perfect, pore-less skin, those full red lips, and that giant cock he slowly starts stroking. Harley’s breath quickens as he works hard on his huge hammer, which has now stretched to it’s full, porn star sized potential. Leaning back like a boss on the shower floor, Xavier teases his tight twink hole while using his other hard on that colossal club as the water continues to pour. Now standing, the beautiful boy milks his monster till it gives the streaming shower a run for it’s money! Fresh cream explodes right up at the camera, splattering down on the dude’s sexy, slender hips. Harley continues to massage his meat, using his silky spooge for lube until he’s swallowed up by sex steam that’s filling the room.




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