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Hank Beckett


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In our video today with Hank Beckett we decided to try and prove to you all that it really isn’t Marty and his razor over-trimming the guys, but rather he shows a very gentle touch when it comes to preparing the boys for a shoot. 

It is not often that we convince Marty to get behind the photo camera anymore, but whenever we do, the results are generally first class. Of course it helps to have a model as handsome and photogenic as Hank.  This photoshoot was actually made a few years ago, but as Hank never went on to film anything else we held onto it for a little bit longer than usual.  Hank has a great body from playing sport, a very attractive dick and a very boyish and handsome face, so we hope that you will enjoy his one-off appearance here on BelAmi.




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