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Bathtub Boy Karol Cums

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Karol Gajda likes to relax when he’s ready for bed, and there’s no better way to end the day than with a soak in the tub. The bathtub boy is soon ready to slip into the water, his smooth naked body a gorgeous sight and his plump little butt a delicious temptation. With a little cleaning he’s ready to play, his balls churning and his cock throbbing, his ass up for us to see while the water flows over and between the hairless mounds. We wonder what he’s thinking as a finger dips between his cheeks, his pucker twitching before opening to welcome his digits. He would welcome your thick bareback cock just the same. Watch as the boy takes a seat at the edge of the tub, focusing his efforts on his steely length, his balls red from the hot water while he pumps his youthful erection. His cock bulges as the pleasure grows until his cum is leaping from the pursed lips of his dick tip in a final satisfying release. All he needs now is someone to dry him off before bed.



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Reap & Sow Sc.3

1 August 2020