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Austin Avery & Shane Cook!

Austin Avery & Shane Cook!

It’s time for a HOT sizzling Redux with Shane Cook and Austin Avery. There sure are a lot of heavy sparks between these two so don’t miss out on ANY of the action!! Definitely gonna mist up your glasses!!

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CockyBoys exclusive Shane Cook is back to top Austin Avery, months after they had a brief hook-up they finally get to reunite, now knowing what the other really likes. They start making out in the tub and before long Austin is on his knees sucking Shane’s fat cock & worshiping his muscles.

Shane gives back with some hot cocksucking and deep rimming that soon gets Austin excited to suck him even more. Austin’s full-throated sucking works like magic and Shane bends him over to slide in his thick monster. In short order Shane pounds Austin deeper & harder and wraps his arms around him as he thrusts in relentlessly, only stopping to take him into the other room

Shane bends Austin over to drill him over the sofa and holds his hands behind his back. In full control Shane flips Austin on his back on the sofa arm and in full power top mode fucks a huge load out of a moaning Avery. Shane keeps on pounding harder until pulling out to intensely shoot cum over Austin. In post-orgasmic euphoria Shane passionately kisses an equally happy Austin. You think they’re really done?


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