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Derek Caravaggio & Bruce Querelle

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To quote the great philosopher Ray Davies, “It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world” and this is true especially in the porn business. For instance, would you ever expect someone to leave the French Foreign Legion and immediately start on a porn career? That’s the “mixed-up” path Bruce Querelle took in arriving at BelAmi. We were a little “shook up” when Derek expressed an interest in following Bruce’s path in reverse- going from porn to the Legion. Our concerns were abated when we found that Derek wasn’t interested in the job’s risks and perils but in the sex life of the guys in the legion. After all, the cutest boys and the hottest sex is at BelAmi and Freshmen, right? Then our fears were “muddled up” when Bruce became the ultimate “recruiter”. Soon this Army of One deployed strategic sucking followed by relentless rimming that left Derek craving Bruce’s “assault” with a friendly weapon. After the soldierly shagging received, we’re half expecting Derek to be on a train to Paris tomorrow along with a battalion of sexually satisfied hotties “recruited” by Bruce.


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