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Saturday Special: Olaf & Jason

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In a week of firsts here at BelAmiOnline we would like to welcome Olaf Mortensen here from Freshmen. Not many of you know that, like many of our models, Jason has a side job with us as well. You’ll have to watch the intro to find out what it is. While Jason is hard at work, Olaf arrives to the studio early to get ready for his first major scene, and still being a little nervous about it, Jason offers to let him get some practice in first before the big event.  Jason is in no mood for messy around today and is soon giving Olaf’s ‘beautiful ass’ the attention it deserves, first with his tongue and then with his cock. We’re hoping that you can all find something to like about Olaf, but he should be especially pleasing for the nipple fans out there.


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