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Elio Chalamet & Jim Durden Part 2


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It was the best of bodies, it was the cutest of faces, it was the most dominant of tops, it was the most sensual of bottoms. It is s a tale of two hotties, told in two parts! There are times when the bond between two boys becomes special. We had it with Kevin and Jack, Helmut and Jerome and now we have it with Jim and Elio. Their personalities are different Elio quiet, Jim is boisterous. However, they’ve formed an enduring bond that lasts through long separations. Our first part shows them reunited after some time apart. They soon start fantasizing of heading off to the end of the world together. While their dreams might be of traveling, their libidos force them to go to the bedroom. Though their dreams are put on hold, our fantasies of seeing these two hotties


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