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I n our first scene Kieran pointed out some of the perils of the internet.  For balance, we thought we’d show one of the benefits- looking at big dicks.  This is exactly what Jens and Christopher are doing as they pass time trying to find the biggest dick online- an appendage belonging to a man named “Victor”. The predictable result is to make the two boys horny. Though neither boy can compare to Victor, they are far from small and their raging hard-ons are evident before their pants come off.  Jens promises to use the endowment he has to fulfil Christopher’s cravings and proceeds to do just that.  Christopher filmed with us for just three years. During that time, his appearance changed from being very slender, almost twinkish, to this softer, more mature version here today. This version of Christopher certainly works for Jens as he gives his buddy’s ass a good work over before pulling out and delivering his load for all of us to see.



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