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Rocco Alfieri & Thom Jacobs

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Today we have Thom Jacobs first scene for you with his trainer, Rocco Alfieri. Although Thom is a little nervous, Rocco is a reassuring presence, letting him know that he was the same when he first began, but the nerves were all for nothing.
Marty’s little opening interviews can also at times be revealing, and today we learn that Rocco holds the distinction of being the record holder for taking the longest time to cum. In one particular scene he had the crew waiting for 2 hours before he produced the goods! No such problem today though and Thom gives an outstanding performance for his 1st time, and Rocco is a gentle, caring and sensual top and has no problem shooting his load all over Thom’s back, before greedily slurping up all of his cum and then feeding it back to his buddy.



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