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Jeff Mirren & Enrique Vera Part 1

Get the scene The trouble with having great looking friends is that all the boys you find on Grindr don't count for much in comparison, or at least that is the conclusion that Jeff comes to today as he is browsing through his hook-up menu together with Enrique. The plus side of having friends like… Continue reading Jeff Mirren & Enrique Vera Part 1

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Torsten Ullman & Billy Montague

Get The Scene Familiarity. It doesn’t always breed contempt. With all the hot, new “apparel” you’ve been seeing lately, it’s nice to slip into these two comfortable, but still extremely attractive “old shoes”, Torsten Ullman and Billy Montague. This is one of our “Evening Ritual” scenes so it is unencumbered by a storyline- just two… Continue reading Torsten Ullman & Billy Montague

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Real Cam: Daniel DeLuca & Dillon Anderson

RealCam brings you deep inside our boy’s private, porny moments, right from their personal phones! In this installment, cute twink, Daniel DeLuca gets worked over GOOD by hot, hunky Dillon Anderson. The tattooed twink slayer sizzles, sending shivers up Daniel’s spine, tantalizing with tender touch. Then, he eats that ass like an animal, and gives… Continue reading Real Cam: Daniel DeLuca & Dillon Anderson

Best Boys, Photos, Videos

Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux

Get the Scene Lightning strikes twice as Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark reunite in a condom-free scene four years after their first sizzling hot time together! As they catch up the excitement builds and their chemistry reignites once Carter takes the lead and they make out passionately. Gabriel's lips soon move to Carter's succulent nipples… Continue reading Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux