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Saturday Special: Bob Marghiela and Jack Harrer

Harrer_Marghiela (13).jpg

There is a little dispute today between our producers as to wether Bob qualifies to be in their movie project or not. Kevin is not convinced but Jack is adament that he has all the attributes that he needs to join in. He’s cute and hot, and most importantly available and willing to let Jack fuck him like crazy. Of course you all know Jack well enough to understand that he is never willing to lose an argument, so after a little discussion it is decided that Bob can join the project. It doesn’t take long for Bob to demonstrate that Jack was actually right all along as he starts to devour Jack’s dick, first with his mouth, but then it turns out that his ass is actually the thing most in need of satisfying. It is only after Jack has shot his load all over Bobs ass that he realizes that this may seem a bit of a one way affair and proceeds to suck his buddies cock until he gets a mouthful of creamy cum himself.



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