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Andre Boleyn & Tony Conrad

Boleyn_Conrad (10).jpg

It is Andre and Tony’s day off at Castello Kinky Angelo today, or so they thought. Adam and Kevin have been tasked with filming a scene today, and as usual, have left it to the last moment to find some boys to film it with. Fortunately they get luck when they come across our sexy pair making off (actually stealing a lounge from inside) so that they can be more comfortable while relaxing by the pond.  Both boys have been with us for quite a few years, but seem to only get more handsome and sexier with time, and , as they both renown lovers, make it as for our cameramen to capture this fantastic outdoor encounter. The scene is at the same time sexy, sensual and playful and a great way to wrap our Summer Loves week.




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Dru : Angel

26 April 2020