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Hollywood & Vine: Calvin Banks & Nico Leon

In part 3 of Hollywood & Vine Calvin Banks enters the picture as offbeat sex therapist Harmony Gold, hired to help movie star Nick Leon (Nico Leon) and his relationship with lover & personal assistant Leo Grand. They’re happy to put Nick in the therapist’s hands…once Harmony (Calvin) signs a non-disclosure agreement, that is. Once Leo leaves, the first session begins.

Harmony (Calvin) begins with the gentle caressing of a half-naked Nick (Nico) and soothing words, which include details on his “unique” tantric methods. Soon Harmony (Calvin) has Nick (Nico) bent over as his hands gently massage his body, while he rubs his crotch against his crack. And once Harmony (Calvin) slips off his briefs he tongues Nick’s (Nico) hole and fingers him into moaning submission.

Harmony (Calvin) attends to another “muscle” as he turns Nick (Nico) on his back and sucks & strokes him into increasing vocal sexual ecstasy. After an intense edging Harmony (Calvin) unveils his cock and guides Nick (Nico) in the art of sucking him. With his instruction Nick (Nico) learns to deep-throat his hung therapist and Harmony (Calvin) is ready to take him to the next level.Harmony (Calvin) slides his cock into Nick (Nico) and soon he fucks him deep…with proper breathing and relaxing.

Harmony (Calvin) then puts Nick (Nico) to the floor on all fours to plow him and teach him how to fuck himself on his big dick. Before long Harmony (Calvin) has Nick (Nico) pinned to the floor taking all his deep thrusts. The intensity builds until Harmony (Calvin) pulls out and shoots a massive load all over Nick’s (Nico) hole and breeds him with it. Harmony (Calvin) then helps Nick (Nico)to shoot his own load and he milks him into trance-like state. Lesson one done: Nick (Nico) learns to love himself.



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