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Manuel Rios & Bob Marghiela

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There are some models, like Ariel, who never seem to age, and then there are others like Manuel Rios, who do age, but still manage to keep that certain ‘something’ special about them.  This year marks Manuel’s 15th year at BelAmi after making his casting debut all the way back in 2005. During that time he has filmed 58 hardcore scenes with us, split almost evenly between the ‘condom’ and ‘condom free’ eras. His partner here today reminds us a bit of a younger version of Manuel, compact and muscled and always very horny, young Bob Marghiela makes a perfect foil to Manuel’s handsome maturity. Today’s scene starts with a bit of a pep talk as Bob thinks he’s not pretty enough to be a model. While Manuel may not be very good at disabusing him of this false idea, he is right in pointing out that it takes much more than a pretty face to be a great porn star.


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