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After Hours Sc.1

After Hours Sc.1

After a long night out these two boys go to a very informal café where after ordering some waffles and cream, Tyler gets creative with the cream and decides to feed Casper from his finger, insinuating where he want’s things to go. Tyler isn’t shy an removes his trousers to continue feeding Casper before fully removing his clothes with his cock out for Casper to have a taste of! Soon Casper is also just in his underwear and it’s needless to say we all know there the cream is going! With Casper rock hard the cream is put on to his shaft and Tyler doesn’t doubt twice in liking it all off. Casper is all to eager now to get his cock in to the boys hole, and after some rimming and fingering Tyler’s hole is ready for Caspers cock!!




1 March 2020 at 14 h 09 min

I like the guy with the curly hair

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