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There is something a little magical about Jeff. He may not have the greatest body, the biggest dick or the handsomest face, but with this added magical element, he turns into the perfect package and has charmed staff and fans alike now since his debut in 2014.. and continues to do so today. Here we have him with Bob Marhiella. One of Jeff’s charms is that he is a stranger to no-one and can make friends instantly no matter where he is. It is this ‘Jeff Effect’ in play today as he arrives at one of our apartments and finds no-one at home… except for a boy he has never met before.
It takes no time though for Jeff to get his clothes off and Bob’s dick up his ass. As with most of Jeff’s scenes, this is a pretty high energy affair, especially when he takes control of the fucking and stars riding Bob like a Bronco Buck.

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