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Jordan Faris, Peter Annaud & Justin Saradon

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Today’s scene was supposed to be Peter getting fucked by Andre Boleyn, but it turns out his dick has OOS (I suspect from fucking Jamie too hard a few days before) and he has to pull out of the scene. This puts his buddy Adam in a bit of a bind, as he now has to search for a new scene partner willing and able to fuck Peter, who thinks he will need 2 guys to make up for the lack on Andre.

Luckily there is a house full of takers for the job and within minutes Peter is happily being tag teamed by Jordan and Justin.

While filming with this group of guys there are always little crises to deal with, we rely on the adage that all’s well that ends well, and it certainly ends well for Peter today, who actually had to stop the filming twice as he was going to cum too soon if he let the boys continue fucking him. For those of you who love big dick bottoms this is certainly a scene for you!


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