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Austin Avery & Tayte Hanson

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Lookalike neighbors Tayte Hanson & Austin Avery finally get together, continuing our series of scenes produced by models during the COVID lock down. Our versatile duo catch up & share their mutual desire for kissing and do just that. Soon Austin shows off his talent and easily sucks Tayte’s thick cock into his throat. In response Tayte bends him over to attend to his hot ass.

Tayte takes his time thoroughly rimming Austin, stroking his cock, plying him with kisses, and even worshiping his feet, Finally Tayte slides into Austin’s bubble butt hole and fucks the moaning bottom deep and soon moves him into position for maximum pleasure pounding. In time Tayte flips Austin and gets under him to suck his cock before getting him to ride his cock.

Austin rides Tayte hard and takes his equally deep thrusts in both directions before Tayte stands up and fucks him in mid-air. Still holding him tight and kissing him. Tayte soon lays Austin on his back to pound him relentlessly before finally pulling out and giving him an open-mouth facial. Still hard Tayte resumes pounding Austin and doesn’t stop until Austin shoots a huge cum gusher. It impresses Tayte and inspires a big smile from a happily satisfied Austin.



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Cristiano Cruzo

17 August 2020