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Enrique Vera & Yannis Paluan Part 1

Paluan_Vera_p1 (11).jpg

It is almost a week of flip-flops here this week. On tuesday we had Roald and Raf, and now we have a 2 day special with Yannis and Enrique. We already know how much you like both guys, so I don’t need to waste your time by singing their praises, but in general both guys have an immense appetite and enthusiasm for sex.
Enrique is probably a bit more of a ‘go-getter’ and likes hunting for sex whereas Yannis is a bit more laid back and prefers a regular supply of good friends to come and help him out. Both guys give us an excellent exhibition of their oral skills before Yannis decides that he will be the first of the 2 to take on the role of top.

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