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Antony Lorca & Ashton Montana

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Normally we try and give the newbies a guy who is more ‘average’ in endowment for their first time bottoming, but Ashton assured us that it would not be necessary, so rising to the challenge, Luke has called in Antony Lorca to have the honor of being Ashton’s first on screen partner, so in that respect it is Antony’s Lucky Day and as we all know a bit about Antony as a lover, we can also say that it is also a Lucky Day for Ashton. Both guys today are around 6’7″ so they are fairly well matched in height but otherwise they are more complimentary and similar. Luke’s filming here today is very free flowing and natural, relying on the guys natural and mutual attraction to lead the way. There is none of the normal carefulness or timidity that we sometimes get in a ‘1st’ scene and Ashton truly seems to relish being fucked by Antony’s big, cut dick.



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Allan Aimée

15 July 2020


15 July 2020