Dr. Good Glove

John Payne is in need of an intense anal exam and Dr. Good Glove Cory Jay is the man for the job. With his legs in stirrups, Payne’s hole is prone and begging for all the treatments available, including rectal clamps, an 18′ inch flashlight, giant 15 pound black dildo, and a fat butt-plug over 10′ around at the base. After the intense ass stretching Jay pulls on black rubber gloves and begins to pummel fuck Payne’s ass with both fists. When Medical Assitant Bryce Colby interrupts the exam, Jay leaves to attend other patients and Colby takes over. Colby works both fists deep into Payne’s cavern, at the same time, then stands up to punch-fuck the gaping butthole.


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10 June 2020