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Justin & Tommy


Health officials are encouraging making love alone as the safest sexual activity during this pandemic. As responsible global citizens, we’re doing our part by bringing you three hardcore sex scenes this week. We appreciate all your myriad one-gun salutes. Our first scene features Justin and Tommy exploring a topic that our forum friends never get enough of- body hair. This “debate” involves them exploring each other’s bodies closely to determine who has the most hair and whose is more attractive. Tommy is often naïve and overly trusting and thus can be taken advantage of. Fortunately, most of our  boys become protective even paternalistic towards him.  Justin isn’t interested in being paternal, but he does want to be his daddy and is determined to use Tommy’s butt hole as a source of pleasure for both of them. This is not a long fuck – but it is a fun fuck.


Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 10.12.24 AM.png


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