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Justin Cross was waiting for Daniel Hausser to come by so he could fuck him. When the blond twink arrived, he gave an elaborate story Justin couldn’t care less about. Justin cut to the chase and they started making out. It seems that all this rush was so they could show off their colorful jockstraps to each other before cock sucking! Daniel took a mouthful of cock and slurped on it until Justin could hold his lust no longer. The blond bottom mounted himself on Justin’s big cock and started grinding and moaning all the while. When Justin couldn’t keep Daniel in charge of the tempo anymore, he pinned him to the couch and started thrusting furiously. His cock soon couldn’t take it anymore so she shot his load all over Daniel’s butt cheeks. He then made sure to reinsert so his young boyfriend can orgasm as well!



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Bryan : The magic Tree

19 April 2020