Naughty Proposal

Bar Addison was chilling on his phone on the staircase when Payton Connor came along with a naughty proposal. Bar didn’t try to fight it since Payton was touching him in all the right places. It was obvious that young blond Payton was very horny so Bar took hold of his cock to give it a good blow. That made him get worked up, so he had Payton sit down so he could spread his cheeks and mount his hole on his thick twink dick. He couldn’t help but moan as he was picking up speed riding. Payton felt amazing balls deep inside Bar’s hole so he had him bend over so he could dictate the tempo. This made Bar lose his mind and Payton could see it so he had him lie on his back and they formed a mating press. After a few more thrusts, Bar’s hole was full of Payton’s love



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31 March 2020


31 March 2020