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Mael Gauthier & Serge Cavalli


Our BootCamp series continues with Serge Cavalli and Mael Gauthier. In this installment we learn Serge’s thus far successful tactic for fucking all the cute guys- asking his buddies to tell him their techniques.This tactic works this time as well, though his enthusiasm almost scares poor Mael off. Fortunately, Serge gets it all sorted out with the help of a translator.  It helps that Mael has wanted to fuck Serge almost as much as Serge wanted to be fucked.Serge’s excess exuberance is forgiven as soon as Mael witnesses Serge’s love of big cock.  How can you not forgive him as you watch his eyes light up upon seeing Mael’s massive member?  To show there’s no hard feelings, Mael gives Serge a hard fucking, pounding him in every position imaginable until Serge shoots his load while Mael continues stimulating his prostate. Mael, in turn, ejaculates all over Serge’s hole and then lovingly pushes it back inside. 



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21 March 2020

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21 March 2020