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Why Jason introduced this clip as a “training scene” is a mystery as Fabien had already been with us 18 months when this scene was filmed – far from a newbie. You will note the easy-going familiarity they have with each other’s bodies.  This is due to the two boys being friends in real life and have undoubtably already hooked up in private. While Jason has developed into a jock, Fabien maintains his twink build and youthful flexibility. Though being real life fuck buddies makes for a more relaxed and intimate shoot it does have its disadvantages. Jason was so lost in the enjoyment of fucking his friend’s fine ass that he almost forgot he was on camera- barely pulling out in time to shoot his load. Hopefully Andre Boleyn will be able to show more restraint when we see him fuck Fabien in two months. 



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The Bookworm's Sperm

19 March 2020