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Brock Banks & Cory Kane

Brock Banks brings his style of passionate dominance to Cory Kane and soon figures out just how naughty he can get with him in this condom-free scene. Soon after seducing Cory with kisses from his luscious lips, Brock feeds him his cock and face-fucks him just enough so that Cory wants more. And he feasts on Brock’s uncut cock even more when they move to the bed, locked in a hungry 69. :

Even when Brock takes a break in the middle of their 69 Cory keeps on sucking but soon enough Brock takes his dominance up a notch. After he flips Cory over with a hearty ass slap he ties his wrists behind his back and proceeds to eat out his ass and suck his cock from behind. And after cock-teasing his hole Brock starts fucking Cory, begging to have his hole used. He pounds his ass harder and deeper, much to Cory’s pleasure. :

After Brock unties him Cory’s power bottom side comes out and he mounts Brock’s cock to ride him and take his trusts. Cory brings him so close to cumming Brock has to stop him. He retakes control deep pounding him on his back until Cory’s cock erupts in a thick load. It isn’t long before Brock finally pulls out and his thick load spills out and he Brock fucks his load into him. He licks up Cory’s jizz and kisses him passionately…just as he began their encounter.



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